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Organizing remotely to create a tranquilty home

Virtual Services

Virtual organizing is a service using your smartphone, tablet, or computer to keep you on track. A professional organizer interacts with the client on a live video tour, discussing room-by-room organizing strategies and providing solutions to live a more balanced and productive life.

The benefits of working with a virtual professional organizer are:

  • Flexibility to fit your daily schedule

  • Controlling what we see and don't see

  • Accountability

  • Those living in a rural area and there is no local professional organizer

  • More cost-effective

  •  Perfect for those who need little direction and support (Do-It-Yourself Projects)


A virtual professional organizer is an online coach providing step-by-step guidance to make your space yours. We will keep you engaged via email or video as you feel comfortable with them.  We will work with you to create long-term sustainable systems to fit your lifestyle, which is eco-friendly for the earth. Our team has solutions for reusing items for different purposes and will assist with disposing of unwanted items. With the right virtual services, encouragement, and help from a professional organizer, you can feel comfortable in your space once more.


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