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Are you ready to eliminate clutter and transform your home?  Let Fold 4U & Hang simplify and maximize your living space to accommodate you with our luxury folding, hanging, and organizing service.

Fold 4U & Hang Service

Do you struggle with putting away your clean laundry? Are you tired of getting dress from a laundry basket? Does it seem like you can't get caught up? No problem, we are here to lighten the load. 

Our Fold 4U & Hang Service is an in-home luxury service helping clients complete their laundry by folding, hanging and organizing clothes, towels, linens, and bedding neatly in  closets and dresser drawers.

Our main goal is to make sure your laundry has been organized and stored away before the next laundry day.  The folding and hanging service will allow you to be more productive in other areas of your home without being overwhelmed.

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Organization Service

If your closets are overflowing with clutter and clothes jam-packed in your dresser drawers, then this service is for you. Our Fold 4U & Hang team of skilled professionals will teach you how to purge  and maximize your space.

Our hands-on organizing sessions will give you a jumpstart as we provide a strategy plan to guide, support, and inspire you to take control of your space to reap the benefits of having a tidy home.


We recommend investing in high quality matching hangers, which are beneficial for keeping your garments shape, appearance, and longevity.  You may be asking why matching hangers?

Matching hangers offer a more streamlined look when the clothes are hung at the same height and width. 

Not only do matching hangers add an upscale boutique look, but they make it easier to find what you are looking for.

Wire hangers should be used for dry cleaning purposes only.  They are not designed to provide long-term support for maintaining the garment shapes. Wire hangers can discolor your clothing with rust, which is difficult to remove. Therefore, you should not rely on cheap wire hangers, instead invest in quality hangers to maintain your wardrobe.  

Our Packages

 Laundry LifeStyle


Life Changing

Do you have clean laundry sitting around in laundry baskets? This option is for you. One of our Fold 4U & Hang professionals will assist you with folding and putting your items away in an organized manner.

Tired of spending loads of time doing laundry just to shove it aside?

You might be, like several of our clients, struggling to find the energy to put their laundry away. No need to worry; we are available to assist you with the chaotic laundry mountain. Whether it's a closet or dresser drawer our team of professionals will help you get back on track.

Fold, Hang and Organize It 

For those of you who prefer to do something other than folding clothes and managing your closets due to a busy schedule, than this is the perfect package for you. Allowing you more freedom to take care of other tasks while leaving the folding, hanging and organizing to us. 

We will assist you with purging your dresser drawers and closets to allow more storage to put away clean clothes before the next laundry day.


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