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LifeStyle Organizing Services understands proper packing, unpacking, and organizing are vital to protecting your belongings. Whether it is your own home or one of your loved ones, moving is an overwhelming process. 

Where do you start?

 We understand the emotional and physical challenges of sorting through and organizing a lifetime of possessions. Our efforts to take on the most laborious tasks ease the pressure. No one should have to persevere with a headache that accompanies moving particularly when facing a busy schedule. Whether you need to clean out your home before moving or after a family member passes away, we offer relocation services at your fingertips.

We will help you and your family decide how to handle belongings, oversee packing, storing, and relocation, with a loving and caring touch. Our team of professional organizers will assist from start to finish. Let us relieve you from stress and have you enjoying your  new home immediately!  

  • Moving Preparation/Planning

  • Declutter possessions before listing home and moving

   Our team will assist you in settling into your new space, whether you move into a meandering         farm or a fifth-floor suite.  

  • Help determine what goes to your new home

  • Sort and arrange items for sale, donation and recycling. 

Unpacking & Post Moving Services

  • Unpack all boxes

  • Unwrap items and make a list of broken items

  • Wipe off shelves

  • Line shelves, drawers, and linen closets upon request

  • Organize  items into a new functional system

  • Arrange and organize kitchen and pantry

  • Put away clothes, shoes, linens, and towels 

  • Makeup beds –sheets, comforters, and pillows

  • Space design –maximize living and storage space for each area

  • Furniture layout

  • Set up the kid's playroom

  • Unpack books and organize them on bookshelves

  • Shop for organizational products

  • Removal of all boxes and packing material

Home Sweet Home
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Relocation/Unpacking Services

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