The words of my mother and grandmother resonate so very clearly and I can hear them say with passion and assurance that we are all given a gift in life. My gift and purpose in life is organization. It gives me great pleasure to share my blessing and gift of organizing to others in need of my services. Growing up in an organized home environment with guidelines of austere appearance regarding order has led to one of my greatest strengths. During an early age, they taught me the importance of putting things away in my possession, before moving on and directing my interest toward something else. I have always been able to see beyond clutter and envision the uniqueness of a space or an area. This natural gift has allowed me to launch Lifestyle Organizing Services, a business created to assist others in making positive changes in their lives.

Jennifer Jones, founder of LifeStyle Organizing Services, have the skills and passion to help motivate anyone who is ready for a change in their life. Since my journey begun in 2007,  I continue to enjoy meeting new people and finding solutions to challenges that are presented throughout my career.  Clients are often heard making the statement, “I do not see how you do it.” I’m an energetic go-getter and will not stop until the job is beyond the client’s satisfaction.

As a professional organizer, a very critical role is to listen to the clients, and work at their pace while utilizing detailed vision and skills to bring harmony to the client’s space. A professional organizer sees firsthand results of what can be accomplished before the client can even imagine where to begin. We offer hands-on organizational sessions that are customized to fit individual situations. Our mission is to help you bring control inclusive of space to unproductive areas of your home or office.

My diversified skills and knowledge has made me a popular figure among the organizing industry. I have been featured on ABC 33/40 News and in Birmingham Magazine.


Jennifer Jones