Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Professional Organizer?

Professional organizers apply their skills and the basic principles of organizing to assist people who do not have the time or ability to create order in their homes or offices. They listen to the needs of their clients, offer solutions, implement them, and educate clients on ways to stay organized.


What is your confidentiality policy?

We are aware of the high level of trust placed in organizers by their clients. We will never do or say anything to breach that trust. Integrity, honesty and confidentiality are guiding principles of NAPO that we take very seriously. Our non-judgmental approach will make you feel comfortable in the process​


How long will it take to get me organized ?

There is no exact answer as each organizing project is different and depends on what you want to accomplish. The length of the project will depend primarily on the size of your home or office, the amount of clutter and/or paper that has built up and how quickly you can make decisions. Do you want to address a small area for a quick fix or do you want to attack the whole house for long-term changes? We will develop a plan to maximize your results.


Do You Work with Hoarders?

Our company policy indicates we will not work with hoarders unless they are actively engaged in therapy and there is a collaborative (three way) relationship between the client, therapist and professional organizer. How much does it cost and how do you charge for organizing services? It depends on the type of services needed. Fees may be based on an hourly rate or a fixed rate. Contact us today to design a package to accommodate your budget


Do I have to be there for the organizing sessions ?

Absolutely. In order to organize to your specifications and most convenient ease-of-use, you must be there during the process. Organizers do the physical work and tailor solutions to your needs but cannot make decisions for you regarding what to keep or discard. Plus, you will probably find items you forgot you had.


How do you handle organizing projects?

We tailor our services to accommodate your style. We come prepared with the tools andsupplies we need for each project. We take a hands-on organization approach working side by side with you to assess the area, identify solutions, clear and organize space and then create a system to maintain and organize it. We always try to work with organizing products and supplies you have on hand before suggesting the purchase of additional products.


Do I need to spend a lot of money on organization products?

No, we will try to utilize the products that you currently have in your home or office. If purchases are necessary we can do the shopping for you, we can shop together, or you can shop alone after we discuss your needs.

Are you going to throw away all my items?

We won’t throw away anything you don’t want us to. We specialize in developing organizational systems for any items you want to keep; however, we can assist you in making decisions that will help you meet your priorities and goals.


How do I keep the space organized?

Part of each project involves creating a system that works for you to keep you organized.The project’s success depends not only on our expertise and delivery but on yourcommitment to maintain the systems we create together. We are always available toreturn for periodic maintenance or to re-evaluate a space if your situation changes.


How do I get started?

Give us a call. During a free phone consultation we will discuss the organizational areas yo uwant to work on and then schedule an appointment at your home or office. There we wi llwork together to develop a plan to achieve your goals. Schedules are customized for your convenience.


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