Organized living room
Organized Kitchen

LifeStyle Organizing Services, LLC is a full service company specializing in professional organizing, home staging and relocation services for residential and small businesses. If you’re ready to stop being knee deep in clutter, and you’re prepared to “divide and conquer”, we’ll help you conquer the chaos. Whether you need help organizing a closet, kitchen, home office, child’s playroom, garage and other areas of the home; LifeStyle Organizing Services can help bring simplicity and harmony to your new living space.

LifeStyle Organizing Services is a very unique company that tailors to individual lifestyles to help restore balance and order in their home and life. Having an environment that is peaceful, calm and orderly can help in other areas of your life, whether it is your health, career/finances, relationships, personal time and more. When you ‘declutter’ your home, you ‘declutter’ your life. It’s a positive empowering action that’s sure to balance the entire family. Take the first step toward a healthy, organized home environment and call us! 205-746-2659.