LifeStyle Organizing Services, LLC takes pride in assuring our clients are completely satisfied. Our goal is to ensure that we understand all of our clients, and make, you the client, excited and motivated for the next project. Read below what some of our satisfied clients have said about us!


"I am extremely delighted with the superior organizational services performed by your company, (LifeStyle Organizing Services, LLC).Your innovative ideas and skills are quite impressive. If I am in need of assistance in the future, I am definitely contacting LifeStyle Organizing Services. Again, Thank You."

 -Linda, Mississippi

“I found Jennifer’s services through Googling “Home Organizer, Birmingham AL”. I had become so frustrated with the mess and crowding in my home that I reached out to a stranger for help. Thank goodness I did! Within 24 hours Jennifer returned my e-mail with a call and scheduled a time to meet me at the house to hear more about my needs. She spent quite a long time listening to what I believed needed to be accomplished, made lots of notes and left without charging me anything. Her process of determining what needs to be done and preparing the proposal is completely free. Within 2 days I had a lengthy proposal and a bid for her services which I signed right away.
Jennifer is very professional and my level of trust in her was well deserved: She sets higher goals for the project than you do because she is talented enough to see all the possibilities and as things get underway you will marvel at her level of energy. She is able to prioritize tasks and move through them with purpose and great results. She made much progress on her own while I was at work at I spent a couple of hours each day after work making decisions that only I could make to keep this sweater or donate it to someone else who would enjoy it? The more we worked together the more free my spirit began to feel. It really is so enjoyable to free yourself of unwanted or unnecessary possessions and make room in your home to truly organize the things you love and use , at times I found that I hadn’t been able to use them because they were buried under belongings that I did not need or want.
Jennifer never made me give up anything that I didn’t want to part with so don’t be afraid of a bossy, superior person telling you “how it’s gonna be”. If something had sentimental value, I simply explained why it was a “keeper” although it didn’t seem (on the surface) to add value. Please look at the ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures on her website and you’ll see that the results are remarkable. As contracted, Jennifer staged my home for selling but, strangely, I found myself reluctant to place my beautiful ‘new’ home on the market. It began to feel like the place I had envisioned moving to.
Jennifer’s work ethic is impeccable. I trusted her completely with my possessions and nothing went missing擁n fact, just the opposite happened. Valuable items I believed were lost for good were turning up with regularity. Throughout the project Jennifer communicated her status, checked my availability and worked diligently to complete the project quickly while never making the choice of speed over results. Jennifer is doing what she loves for a living and it shows: She takes great pride in her work and doesn’t consider it cumbersome. She knows going in what you probably don’t: You’re gonna love it! I paid a very reasonable price and between you and me: It was worth twice that amount!”
-Beth Carter, Alabama
"I requested LifeStyle Organizing Services to transform my guest room into a home office. I met with Jennifer and she helped me to organize and create an office space that was efficient for my needs. I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking to explore new and innovative designs. Her goal is to inspire and motivate clients by providing systems and resources to increase personal and professional productivity. Thank you."
-Marion C. Gatson, Alabama

"I was very much impressed and satisfied with the services rendered to my floral space in the basement garage are done by LifeStyle Organizing Services. They were very thorough and professional. I would recommend anyone who wants to be able to locate the items needed and for then to be placed in an organized matter. LifeStyle Organizing Services is the service you’ll need. "


-Flowers by Gwen, Alabama